This illustration, homage to the struggle and heart break of native Americans, was done shortly after my fathers death in 1994. I was living in Grand Haven, Michigan and missing Colorado and the west a lot. It is a composite of two photos one of Red Cloud, a Sioux Chief who led a successful campaign against the whites called Red Cloud's War from 1866-1869. The other the frozen body of Big Foot, a Lakota Chief who had the night before surrendered to the US Calvary, lying in the snow after the slaughter at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota December 29, 1890. Ever since I could think on my own I have felt that we "americans" did not prove ourselves to be the good and true god fearing people we claim to be. History may be written by the victor, but genocide is genocide whether it is done in Germany, Turkey, Darfur, Rwanda or the United States. We are guilty as charged. This is colored pencil on gray drawing paper, using the negative space of the paper to make the vest he is wearing. This style I did in '83 or '84 for a series of portraits of 8 jazz greats that were sold to a Restaurant in Denver. The restaurant failed and I lost track of the owners and of the portraits. I wish I had them back. C.A. Boyer, my partner in DT Studios, designed and we installed a mural in the main dining room in the same restaurant.