Here are illustrations, both published and non, sketches, drawings, ideas and murals that I have done over my career. I have hundreds of them and they go on and on. Just as with the consistency of oil paintings in my career so too, have I drawn. One of my professors at WMU even went so far as to note that even my paintings were more drawing than painting. Of course he was an expressionist, happily letting the paint fall where it may. Another professor used to pass me in drawing class because he liked my paintings. I for one feel whether it is drawing or painting it is all art. I have used many mediums and put paint on many surfaces, walls, doors canvas, paper, furniture and all most anything else you could think off. These pieces, in this section, represent what I call illustrations. I hope you enjoy what you see.

To view a larger version of the images to the left click on them and they will enlarge in this frame. I have also written a little bit about each piece. I hope that you enjoy what you see. If you are looking for an illustration for your business. Please feel free to email me at: